Good Nutrition


PLEASE do not underestimate how important good nutrition is to your training goals and your overall health.


You can’t out train a bad diet!


Diet and nutrition can be very confusing so I’m going to try to simplify it for you here.




Proteins, carbohydrates and fats form the majority of your diet. Most foods contain a mix of these but Proteins are generally foods like meats, fish, pulses and dairy. Carbohydrates are mainly rice, potato, oats, pasta and bread. Fats are mainly found in nuts, red meat, oily fish, avocados, oil, eggs and butter.


Vitamins and minerals mainly come from fruit and vegetables, these also provide lots of fibre to keep your digestive system working efficiently. These are essential in your new eating plan as without these micronutrients your immune system can suffer leaving you wide open to infections and disease.

You cannot exercise if you are sick so please eat your fruit and veg.


If you are dieting and trying to lose fat then you will need to consume less food but you still need to get the vitamins and minerals. Green vegetables are low in calories but high in fibre; most of the calories won’t be absorbed, making them a great choice. Fruits are higher in sugar so watch out if you’re trying to lose weight.


If you are looking to gain muscle then you need to eat more food and of course still need to get the vitamins and minerals. You will be putting your body through a lot of stress and will need to have a good immune system. Try 10 portions of fruit and veg per day.


Beware of sugar, refined and packaged food. Try to eat freshly prepared food and if you can afford it, then go organic.


This is a very simple and condensed guide to try and help you understand diet a little better. Diet is a very complicated field and I will be posting more on this, so sign up to my email list and watch out for my forthcoming posts.


Happy eating my friends


Coach Nick