Fat loss


How do i lose fat? The million dollar question! Believe me people are making millions out of this question. In fact Fat Loss is in the top 3 questions typed in to Google.  In short, this is what they will all be telling you:-Fat loss will require you to start being consistent with both your training and diet. This means you’ll want to commit to training 2-5 times per week, whilst controlling what you eat; however be patient and don’t get disheartened if it takes time, fat loss is not always a quick fix.

The key to getting results is to have a plan and stick to your routine – do not miss it unless absolutely necessary! One great tip is to prepare your food for the following week at the weekend or when you’re off work – having healthy foods in your fridge available to eat can stop you giving into temptation!

I was always told ‘all the P’s’, proper preparation prevents piss poor performance and this is very true when it comes to fat loss. I made my own one up, all the ‘C’s’, constant consistent commitment creates complete cretainty. Then there’s this old one, fail to prepare, prepare to fail…you see what I’m saying right?

There is a general rule of thumb that if you drop 500 calories per day from your diet then over the week that will accumulate to 3,500 calories which will equal 1lb of fat loss. This can seem a little slow for some as it means that it takes around 3 months to lose 1 stone of fat. This is still good going, you can lose 3 stone per year like this. However in this day and age, people want speed and they want it to be easy too, hence why there are so many quick fix diets out there selling like hot cakes (pardon the irony). But don’t despair and don’t rush out to buy one of these diets. It is in fact possible to lose fat quicker than this, especially when you combine it with exercise. Look at some of my testimonials, Nicola lost 3 stone in just 3 months using my diet and exercise guidance.

So what kind of exercise burns fat?

Steady State Cardio is when you don’t puff or pant – which would mean your burning energy. This type of fat burning would be best for beginners and those wanting to maintain muscle mass. 30/40 minutes of low level walking, treadmill, cross trainer or cycling will burn about 300 calories but the body will use fat stores as energy in this state.


Hiit Training. I would recommend that you only try Hiit training when you feel your fitness levels are getting better because when done correctly, this type of exercise is exhausting. Don’t let me scare you; you will burn more fat and achieve higher levels of fitness by doing Hitt workouts. Hiit stands for high intensity interval training – and I mean high intensity. For example, 30 seconds work, 30 seconds rest for 8 rounds. You can do any exercise you like be that: cycling, running, rowing however I prefer body weight exercises such as high knees, burpees, jump squats and mountain climbers. Just make sure you work to your max. In this type of exercise you are trying to get as out of breath as possible, the complete opposite to steady state cardio. You need to burn fat for a long period of time, if you work out hard enough you will continue to lose weight even after the workout is finished, this is called afterburn. During afterburn your metabolism will skyrocket for up to 24 hours.


One last tip, cutting out food groups is a trick used by people/companies to ‘cheat the system’. You may experience some fantastic results with diets such as Keto (or ketogenic), Paleo, Atkins but these results will come at a cost. Cutting out food groups can lead to severe health problems and i don’t recommend you try them to find out. Simply buy fresh, unpackaged and unprocessed foods. You know what they are, fruit, vegetables, potatoes, rice, meat if you eat it, pulses etc. Stuff you have to cook yourself. This is called ‘Clean Eating’ and i recommend trying this way above all others.

If you’re confused about food groups, please check my ‘Nutrition’ page in the menu.


I wish you all the success you deserve and for more information on this subject, please sign up for my weekly hints and tips on weight/fat loss.


Happy training my friends


Coach Nick