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Hi, I’m Coach Nick and my mission, my goal, my drive and my passion is to help you be happy with the amazing person that you are. Whether its losing weight, toning up, getting fit, eating healthy or training your brain to think more positively, I will help you fall in love with yourself again through proven strategies and expert guidance. When you’re happy and smiling, the world will smile with you. Through my journey and experiences I have learned so many ways to help myself find ‘happy’ and I’m going to be sharing them with you so you don’t have to go through the pain I’ve had to go through. I lost 8 stone in a couple of years without any qualifications or guidance. I’m now a fully qualified and experienced Coach and I can help you do the same in half the time. Join me and my group of amazing followers on our journey to optimum health, weight loss, fitness, youthfulness, mindfulness and happiness.




I’ve worked with hundreds of clients/people/heros, just like you, who wanted to lose weight, get fitter, be happier and have a more positive outlook on life. For me helping people make these changes is worth all the love and money in the world. I’ve reached hundreds of people so far through 1-2-1 training and its now time for me to fulfil my life mission and reach a global audience to reach as many people as possible. Here’s what some of my clients/heros have to say about me:



“In an industry full of stiff, impersonal trainers, Nick is a breath of fresh air . He makes you feel comfortable in what can be for some a very intimidating environment. Injecting fun and laughter into your PT sessions, he has an extensive knowledge of how to tailor programmes for individuals to guarantee results . It’s never a dull moment with him, his infectious energy can’t help but crossover to your workouts, you will leave the sessions knackered but invigorated and with a smile. He has a very personal approach to his clients and is involved in every aspect of their fitness/weight loss journey. I not only came away fitter but more knowledgeable about nutrition and what works for my body”. 



“When i first hired Nick as my personal trainer i was a very unfit 16 stone 10 lbs. Nick helped me with both exercise and diet and 4 months later I was much fitter and healthier and was down to 12 stone 10lbs. I am extremely grateful to Nick and would recommend him to anyone who is looking for a personal trainer. His exercise programs are never dull and he will get you working hard to achieve your fitness goals.”



“I love training sessions with nick , they are always fun and you never know what to expect which makes it so exciting. He is a great laugh and easy to talk to; literally such a nice guy. I think getting a PT is the best option if you struggle with your workouts/weight. I wanted to lose a stone and tone but didn’t really know what I was doing so I contacted Nick. He has motivated me and put so much effort into helping me reach my goals. I feel so much better about myself and now have the knowledge of what to do at home during workouts to carry on staying fit and toned. I will definitely book more sessions just because I actually do enjoy myself very much even though it’s hard work! Awesome trainer! Thank you so much Nick for being a fantastic PT”.




This was me, Nick, in 2004.

I was 18 Stone of pure unhealthy fat and one doctor’s appointment away from something really nasty. I was literally playing Russian roulette with my life. This is where it all started. I was working in Soho, London, and addicted to going out, drinking, drugs, smoking and generally abusing my body. I would then eat off my hangovers with fast food all day long! I was so unhealthy I had to undergo an operation on my stomach because I was producing abnormal amounts of stomach acid. I had severe gout and was on constant medication for it. My skin was itchy and greasy and my feet stank (your feet are a very good indicator of your health). I couldn’t even walk up a flight of stairs without nearly hyperventilating. I knew something had to change before I faced even more serious illness. I spent thousands of pounds on counseling and nothing they said could help me, I was lost and ready to give up. Then finally, through pure desperation, because I was about to become a father for the first time, I joined a gym and hired a personal trainer. He showed me how exercise and change my eating habits for the better. Within weeks I could start seeing changes to my body on a daily basis, which motivated me to go on relentlessly. Happy with my results I still had some issues so I joined a Muai Thai boxing gym and worked hard training until I was able to fight. Boxing really helped my mental state and kept me positively focused.

In just two years I had gone from an 18 stone NHS nightmare to a 10 stone 4 lbs fighter and proud of whom I had become. My health, respiratory system and physical ability was that of someone 10 years younger than me. My confidence was high and finally I actually felt happy to be me. This is when I decided that it was my duty to motivate other people stuck in the same position as I was. This is my passion and I’ve now helped hundreds of normal people get the same success as I did. My mission is to change as many people for the better in this lifetime and beyond.

I look forward to helping you on your journey to ‘happy’.

Coach Nick


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