Free health and fitness website

Hi, I’m Coach Nick and welcome to my free health and fitness website.

I’ve created this website to really connect with people who want to change their bodies and minds to become healthier. My aim is to make all the complicated information about losing weight, getting fit, gaining muscle, creating a positive mindset and living a healthier life easier to understand. I’ll also to help you understand your minds and how you’re keeping yourselves in a place you don’t want to be.

A bit more about me

You may have read my ‘About me’ section but if you haven’t yet or just want a bit more information then here you go:

I am an identical twin. This might sound lovely but I can assure you that it was not perfect all of the time. I really struggled with constantly being compared to my brother, particularly when I was “The Fat One”! I was part of a loving family and had a happy childhood in many ways but I still found my younger years tough. I was in direct competition with the mirror image of me, except thinner. I wasn’t recognised as Nick but as ‘One of the twins’ or ‘twinny’ – sometimes even just ‘The Fat One’ as I said. Of course I can laugh at this now but it caused my life to be a very painful one. I hope as this site evolves that you’ll identify with my troubles and that they will help you get over yours.

So my life as a child was pretty hard and the mental scars carried through my teenage years and well into my late 30’s. These scars caused me to do many stupid things, alcohol and drugs being two of the more stupid ones. I also picked up an eating disorder, as if I didn’t have enough troubles already!

I was a complete loser and I just didn’t care, I lived for sex, drugs and rock n roll because I was determined to show the world I was crazy and somehow, in my twisted mind, that would make me cooler than my twin brother.

In 2003 the best thing in the world happened, I became a dad and something inside me changed. I realised that I had to be responsible for someone else other than myself and that I had to clean up my act in order to give my beautiful son an amazing dad to look up to.

This is where my health and fitness journey began. I wanted quick results so I did a diet called the lemon detox which was one of the toughest things I’d ever done, basically 7 days starvation but I did get some very impressive results.

I then hired a personal trainer, we worked together for a period of months and I got great results. By now I was starting to feel good and started Thai Boxing, a year later I was in the best shape of my life. I loved the process of weight loss and muscle gain so much that I quit my job and trained as a Personal trainer, I followed my passion to help others…like you! I am fully committed to helping as many people change for the better as possible.


What to expect from me


  • I am going to be writing articles and posting videos to help you clearly understand how you can start making positive changes in your lives.


  • I’ll be reviewing products, which I believe can help you speed up your journey to a healthy new you. Believe me I’ve done nearly every diet and tried nearly every method of weight loss and muscle gain there is. I want to share my personal experiences so that you don’t make the same mistakes that I did.


  • I’ll be sharing with you what I have learned from years of counselling and self-help courses to help train your brain to think healthy and positively. Healthy body, healthy mind, there really is nothing more valuable in life.


  • I’ll also be posting workouts and diet/nutritional advice, breaking it down in to easy to follow and understandable chunks.


Please enter your email on the home page to get updates so you don’t miss out and please feel free to contact me and ask me to cover any topics you’d like to know more about.


I’m very excited about our journey together.


Coach Nick