1-2-1 Training

If you choose to commit to 12 sessions with me to help you reach your goals then you have my commitment to you to make sure you achieve them. Training twice per week for 6 weeks, I will show you how to eat, sleep and train. If you follow what i say then you could be the next transformation hero and lose up to 1 stone every month for as long as you wish to train with me. You’ll get bi-monthly diet plans, supplement guidance, homework and a hell of a lot of mindset tuition to make sure you are on track. We will do monthly weigh-ins with measurements and body fat percentages. You will be taking regular monthly progress shots of yourself so we can compare changes to your physique as we go on. If you feel stuck or have a low day, Im on the other end of the phone or if needed we can go for a coffee. My mission in life is to make you love yourself and i will do whatever it takes.

Take your time to decide and if you’re ready, drop me and email.


Coach Nick